5 Calming Methods To Reduce Your Dog's Anxiety On July 4th

5 Calming Methods To Reduce Your Dog's Anxiety On July 4th


CBD is readily available and one of the best supplements to help keep your dog calm and relaxed. Start giving CBD 1-2 weeks before the holiday. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended dosing. If that dose doesn’t work for your pup, give a slightly higher dose every few days until you see the desired effect.

The purity can affect the dose. A lower purity usually means using more product to get a response! Although low purity CBD is usually lower priced, cheaper products are not better.

Sound Soothers

Sound soothers play music to help reduce your dog’s anxiety. These machines play the same track on an infinite loop helping to distract your dog. Reggae, classical, and soft rock have been proven to help. And if you don’t already have a sound soother, you can listen to a playlist of these music genres.

Listen at a medium sound level to help drown out the sound of fireworks or sirens.

Thunder Shirt  

The Thundershirt helps to relieve anxiety by stimulating pressure points. Like swaddling a baby, the shirt hugs in all the right places to deliver a constant, gentle pressure. This helps to decrease stress during overwhelming situations known to “trigger” your dog.

The shirt is lightweight, breathable, and velcros around your dog. And it’s recommended for use during:

  • Thunderstorms
  • Fireworks
  • Separation anxiety
  • Travel
  • Vet visits

The Thundershirt works in over 80% of cases.  It works by:

  • Calming fear
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Lessening overexcitement

Medications from your vet

If your dog is known to have high anxiety during certain holidays, call the vet. They can prescribe anti-anxiety medication, which will reduce stress. Start these medications 1-2 days before triggering events.

Make a calming room

During stressful times, it can be helpful for your dog to have their own space. Find a quiet space in the center of the house, away from windows. Fill the space with dog beds or pillows. Get a few soft lights for the space. Wrap your dog in a thundershirt or calming vest. Set the tone by playing gentle, calming music. And if needed, don’t forget to give your dog CBD or calming medications from the vet.

By combining all these techniques, you can create a safe, calming space for your dog.

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