What Do You Need to Know about Brushing Your Dog?

Brushing your pet may feel like a chore but it keeps your dog looking his best. And with a change in seasons, your dog may need more brushing than usual. So what do you need to know about brushing your dog?

What Do You Need to Know about Brushing Your Dog?

Why brush

Shedding is a normal way of the body ridding itself of damaged or excess fur. In the winter months, a dog’s coat becomes thicker for insulation.

Shedding happens all year round but especially in spring and summer. Brushing your dog helps to remove unwanted hair faster and keeps your dog cool.

Natural oils protects the skin by keeping it moisturized. Brushing helps to distribute natural oil throughout your dog’s fur and skin. This creates a natural sheen to your dog’s coat!

How often

Brushing is needed more often during the summer months when dogs are prone to shedding. For short-haired dogs, brushing once a week allows for fur removal and a quick check of skin. (Got critters?) If your dog has long fur, brushing more often may be necessary.

What type of brush

Rubber pronged brushes help grip the fur to the brush. This allows for easy fur removal while also massaging the skin.

The Furminator is a small metal-toothed comb. The fine teeth help to loosen fur closer to the skin and distributes oil throughout the skin. In our opinion, this is one of the best brushes we have used for short fur!

In comparison, rubber brushes comb the surface of the fur. These brushes can leave behind fur closer to the skin.

Brushing is essential. It helps to remove unwanted fur and keeps your dog cool during warmer months. Keep your dog happy and looking his best with weekly brushing sessions.

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