Replenishing Your Dog's Gut Health - Our Experience

Even though the vets said he was ok, my dog was giving me signs that he needed help. He was suffering from diarrhea and regurgitation. And the meds weren't working.

Replenishing Your Dog's Gut Health - Our Experience

My dog was on antibiotics for 2 years for:

  • diarrhea
  • skin infections
  • aspiration pneumonia

Months of illness, ER visits, and antibiotics caused the following:

  • worsening regurgitation issues
  • lack of energy
  • dull, coarse fur
  • soft to liquid stools

So even though the vets said my dog was ok, he wasn't ok. And as his symptoms worsened, more meds were added on without any relief!

We have talked before about the wonders of Animal Biome. It’s a fecal transplant capsule that helps to restore your dog’s gut flora. It’s not a quick fix but the results are amazing!

Before starting Animal Biome, a stool sample is submitted. This shows the severity of your dog’s gut deficiencies. (My dog had severe deficiencies, which explained his symptoms).

Each round of Animal Biome lasts 1 month. Two weeks after completing Animal Biome, another stool sample is submitted for analysis.

Our Experience

My dog started Animal Biome in July 2020. As of today, he's has completed 4 rounds of Animal Biome.

Some results were seen almost immediately. His regurgitation episodes reduced. And he began to gain weight, which was a good thing.

My dog’s skin was always red and inflamed. His fur was coarse and lacked sheen. But after a few rounds of Animal Biome, my dog was less red and his fur had a shine.

His biggest success is having a change in his stools.  After several months of Animal Biome, he's digesting his food better, which creates larger, formed stools.

What’s Next

Despite my dog feeling better, other medical issues are worse. How could that be?

As my dog’s health continues to improve, his body has been giving me signs that more changes are needed.

That means his body is getting stronger! And as he gets stronger, his body is working more efficiently. Meds that used to work, no longer work. So we have started the task of reducing his medications.

Is it worth it?

I try not to get frustrated with the whole process. My dog has been sick for 3 years, which is scary considering he’s only 3.5 years old!

As I said before, it would be nice if there was a “quick fix” for my dog. Snap my fingers and “poof,” he’s cured! But his journey has been far from easy.

The moral of the story is that as the gut flora improves and gets stronger, other things need to change. Medications that used to work may no longer be needed. And as the body works more efficiently, diet and exercise routines may need to be adjusted.

Animal Biome is slowly changing my dog’s life for the better. But it hasn’t been without frustration. And if you asked me if it was all worth it, I would say, “Absolutely!

The body is an amazing thing. And given the proper tools, it can heal! Balancing the gut flora can make huge changes to your dog’s health.

Time does heal all things if you’re patient. And Animal Biome is giving my dog a second chance at life!

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