When Medications Aren't Working, Improve Your Dog's Gut Health

Regurgitation seems like a mild illness. It comes and goes. It doesn't seem too bad when it happens. But it's a debilitating illness, which makes it difficult to cure.

When Medications Aren't Working, Improve Your Dog's Gut Health

When your dog suffers from regurgitation, it's often linked to other health issues such as:

  • Food allergies
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Bacterial overgrowth (or an imbalance in the gut microflora, often due to antibiotic use)
  • Environmental allergies
  • Stress

When your  dog suffers, the entire household suffers. But there is help!

Gut health is often overlooked when problems arise with your pet’s health. If there’s an imbalance in the gut microflora, it can create problems throughout the rest of the body. Some of these problems my dog experienced were:

  • weight loss
  • skin issues (hair loss and inflammation)
  • diarrhea
  • poor immune system
  • regurgitation

The gut microbiome can have deficiencies and overgrowth within the microflora. And these imbalances need to be fixed in order for your pet to regain their health.

Animal Biome helps you identify problem areas in the gut flora using a stool analysis test. Send in a small stool sample, and within a few weeks, you will have a full analysis of your pet’s microbiome.

If your pet has a “slight imbalance,” replenishing the gut flora can be as simple as a diet change.

But it's a harder fix when your pet has a “moderate to severe imbalance.” This means a large amount of unhealthy bacteria are present. And the good bacteria has been diminished.

Restoring the gut biome is accomplished using Animal Biome's fecal transplant capsules. These capsules help to restore the microbiome more effectively than probiotics. Diet changes and extra supplements may also be recommended to help with restoring gut health.

Animal Biome is used for 30 days. After completing, retest your pet's stool. If the microbiome is still imbalanced, another round of Animal Biome may be used.

Our Experience

Before using Animal Biome, Phoenix was suffering from diarrhea and regurgitation. He was refusing many of his medications and most of his meals. Vets didn’t know what else to suggest other than more medication.  

Within a few days of using Animal Biome, Phoenix’s regurgitation episodes reduced from 8-10x/day to 1-2x/day. He began eating his meals. And he was having more formed stools.

But the big changes didn’t happen until 2 weeks after finishing round 1 of Animal Biome. Phoenix finally had his first formed stool in almost 2 years!  His regurgitation episodes reduced to 1 episode every few weeks.  And he was able to try new foods without throwing up!

This occurred 2 weeks after finishing Round 1 of Animal Biome.Phoenix's first formed stool in 2 years!

Phoenix had major imbalances in his gut biome, which was caused by almost 2 years of antibiotic use. It's taken 1.5 years and 6-7 rounds of Animal Biome but Phoenix is looking better than ever.

Improvements we've seen with Animal Biome include:

  • Decreased regurgitation episodes
  • Healthy skin (no longer red-tinged)
  • Fuller, shinier fur (instead of dull fur)
  • Clear eyes (no more redness)
  • More consistent, solid stools
  • More energy

Regardless of how long it takes, we’re happy to have found Animal Biome! Their help and expertise has given Phoenix a new life and better health.

If your dog has been struggling with his health, Animal Biome can help! Find more information at AnimalBiome.com.  

As always, make sure to talk to your veterinarian before making changes to your pet’s regimen.

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