Nose Work Interactive Dog Toys

How many times have you heard your dog say, “I am bored! There is nothing to do?”

Nose Work Interactive Dog Toys

Your dog may not be able to talk using words but he can communicate through actions.  Anxiety, destruction of household items, or aggressive behavior can all be signs that your dog is bored.

Dogs have 300 million olfactory receptors in their nose, and processing all of that information uses a lot of energy.  Nose work interactive toys are becoming popular because they exercise your dog’s sense of smell.  Exercising your dog’s senses has proven to be a great way to decrease boredom and helps to correct bad behaviors.

For dogs that have to spend more time indoors, due to issues like allergies or weather, exercising their mind can expend just as much energy as playing outside.  Dogs need physical exercise, as well as mental stimulation, in order to stay active and energized.

Nose work toys contain pockets or slots where a treat can be inserted.  Your dog has to use his sense of smell to detect and retrieve the treat.  The addition of nose work games helps to challenge your dog while also providing a reward (the treat) for a job well done.

We were first introduced to nose work toys by our friends at who challenged us to give nose work a try with our own pups.  We barely opened the box of toys before our dogs were already playing and chewing on the new toys even before adding treats.

Once I added the treats to the nose work toys, my dogs, Phoenix and Cooper, were on the hunt for their rewards.  Cooper, my food motivated dog, had no problem figuring out how to sniff and retrieve his treat.  However, it took some time for Phoenix o search and claim his reward.  With more practice, Phoenix will be a professional nose work gamer, just like Cooper.

Our dogs are loving the nose work toys.  I take comfort in knowing that the dogs work for their rewards while also exercising their minds.  If you are looking for ways to change your dog’s bad behaviors, or maybe you want to find a different way for your dog to exercise, try nose work toys for your dog.  Your dog will never be bored again!

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