Dog Meet-ups

We have experienced it a million times, sitting around the house without anything to do. The monotony of daily life drives us to crave change and excitement. We want to be around friends that we can let loose, be silly and not judge us for being a little messy.

Dog Meet-ups

Just like humans, dogs get bored with the same old thing.  Why else would we need to buy them a hundred dog toys to only have them play with the same old toy every day?  So what are your dog's options for spicing up life?

We are lucky to live in a town that has something called "Frenchie Frolics," which is a designated French bulldog meet-up.  It is adorable to see so many happy "little nuggets" running around in "park-heaven" but it also gives satisfaction that your dog is happy.  As one owner said to me at the last meet-up, "If my dog is happy, then I am happy."

Socializing your dog, not only with other dogs but also with people, is good for your canine to be acclimated to different environments and situations.  The more interaction that they have from a young age, the more attune your dog will be in any situation and react with good intentions versus negative behavior.  Companionship with other dogs is also good for your dog's emotional health.  Life is meant to be enjoyed with friends, and sometimes it is good to get silly and let your stress melt away.

Some tips that we have learned from our Frenchie meet-ups:

  1. Keep a close watch on your dog.  There are several new canines running around that your dog is meeting for the first time.  Even though other dogs are well-mannered, there is a lot going on, which can cause a situation to escalate quickly.  If your dog is acting out, a brief time-out can subdue the situation.
  2. Be vigilant of other people and make sure they are not giving your dog treats, especially if allergic to certain foods.  Although it might not be intuitive to everyone, giving another dogs treats is not appropriate without asking permission from the dog's owner.  Many canines are allergic to certain ingredients, and you do not want to be responsible for harming the health of another dog.  Keep the treats at home or in the car, and only give your dog treats either before or after the meet-up.
  3. Bring portable water bowls and water.  With so many dogs around, they can easily get dehydrated from running laps with their friends.
  4. Do not overdo it.  If your dog is not used to regular meet-ups and play dates, running around with other dogs for 30-60 minutes can be exhausting.  If your dog is slowing down after several minutes of play, it may be time to go home, especially if it is a hot day.

Frenchie meet-ups are not only a fun way for your dog to make new friends, it also gives dog owners a chance to interact and talk about their dogs, make a new friend, or arrange a dog play date.  So stop being bored and find a French bulldog meet-up to attend.  Your Frenchie will thank you for it, and you might make a new friend, as well.