How to Create a Dog First-Aid Kit

One weekend, I was walking with my dog when I noticed his foot was bleeding. I tried to take him to an emergency hospital but they told me it was a 2 hour wait. Frustrated, I left with my dog and went home to bandage up his foot.

How to Create a Dog First-Aid Kit

Throughout the day, my dog's foot continued to reopen. At times, it was dripping large amounts of blood all over my clothes.

In a panic, I went to the grocery store and bought the following:

  • saline solution
  • rolled gauze
  • bandage wrap
  • wrap clips (to hold the bandage into place)

I squirted the saline solution over his paw and blotted dry. I bandaged his foot using the gauze and bandage wrap. It wasn't perfect but it worked for walking around the house. And he went on to make a full recovery! (Yes!)

After my dog's emergency, I realized that I should have a dog first-aid kit at home. Making a kit is quick, easy, and inexpensive.

At the very least, your dog's first-aid kit should contain the following:

  1. Benadryl
  2. Disposable gloves
  3. Travel-sized saline solution (to wash out cuts or clean abrasions)
  4. Triple antibiotic ointment
  5. Gauze pads or rolls
  6. Ace bandage wrap or dura-tech vet flex bandages
  7. Scissors with a blunt end
  8. Adhesive tape

Extra items can be added, such as:

  1. Dog socks with traction (can use over a bandage to prevent sliding on slick floors)
  2. Tweezers (to remove stickers or stingers from skin)
  3. Ice packs
  4. Cotton balls or pads
  5. Flashlight
  6. Extra poop bags, leash, and/or collar
  7. Collapsible water bowls
  8. Tongue depressor (can be used as a splint, if needed)
  9. Cotton-tipped applicators
  10. Pet Emergency Care Handbook

Items can be found online or in the travel section section of the grocery store. Group items together using clear bags and store in a small travel bag. Take the kit with you in a backpack or keep at home.  

Don't store your first-aid kit in the car. Extreme temperatures can cause items to expire quicker.

Every few months, review expiration dates of items in the first aid kit. Replace items that are expired (or may expire soon). This ensures that your kit is always ready.

First-aid kits are very easy to make. Be prepared for the unexpected. Get started on making your own first-aid kit today!