Top 5 Reasons Why Your Dog Snores

I’ve never been the best at going to bed. I always find a new show to binge watch that can’t wait until the next day. So when I finally climb into bed, I am exhausted!

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Dog Snores

And it never fails.  As soon as I get into a comfortable position, one of my dogs begins snoring!  I can't get to sleep until my dog finds a better (and quieter) position.  So is snoring normal for a dog?  

Like humans, it is normal for a dog to snore.  If in the perfect position, usually on their back, the tongue will drop into the throat and cause snoring.  Snoring will occur whenever there is restricted airflow in the throat or nostrils.  


Short-snouted breeds, also known as brachycephalic, are destined to be snorers. They are prone to:

  • collapsed (or stenotic) nares
  • elongated soft palates
  • everted laryngeal saccules

Because of these issues, surgery may be required to improve airflow and quality of life.  

Given that all brachycephalic breeds will snore, watch for any changes in their normal sleep sounds.  If snoring is becoming louder and more frequent, it’s time for a vet evaluation.


If your dog is allergic to dust, pollen, mites, or perfume, it can cause inflammation of the nostrils.  This will lead to reduce airflow and can lead to snoring.  

Make sure to limit time outside during allergy season.  Wash paws and face after being outside.  

Dental abscess

If there is a dental abscess, infection can spread beyond the mouth into the sinuses.  Infection can lead to snoring.  

Regular dental check-ups help to keep teeth and gums healthy while reducing infections.

Fungal infections

Fungus is natural but not when it invades the body causing infections.  

Aspergillus is an fungus that can be found in your yard in grass clippings or dust. When triggered by mold, the fungus can spread more easily.  For a dog who spends a lot of time outside sniffing objects, aspergillus can spread.  Side effects include nasal discharge, runny nose, and snoring.  

Fungal infections can be serious if left untreated.  Treatment with antifungal medications can cure the infection.  


If you are smoking around your dog, shame on you.  Smoking can cause serious health effects in dogs, as in humans.  Inflammation of airways leads to reduced airflow and snoring.  Please take steps to quit for you and your dog’s health.

Is snoring normal for dogs?  Absolutely, especially for the brachycephalic breeds. But always watch for changes in your dog’s sleeping habits.  If snoring is becoming louder or more labored, take your dog in for veterinary evaluation.