Turn Your Dog into a Masterpiece

Turning my dogs into masterpieces has always been a dream of mine. So when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at the chance.

Turn Your Dog into a Masterpiece

Meet Sara Park.  I like to think of her as a watercolor extraordinaire!  She is the artist behind Glasgow-based Spark Pet Portraits.

Sara has an impressive background.  As you would expect, she studied and taught art for many years at university in Glasgow, Scotland.  But Sara also has another passion . . . dogs!

She walks dogs in the morning, and paints dogs in the afternoon.  And I am sure her subjects don't mind the extra attention.

Sara painted both Syre and Phoenix.  And the minute I saw the pictures, I had tears of joy streaming down my face!  Syre’s chin is held high, which displays his confident and fearless attitude.  And Phoenix’s face showed softness while wearing his 2019 dog of the year crown.

Considering that the paintings are watercolor, there is a lot of detail on each.  The paintings were created using gouache, which is more opaque than watercolor.

While similar to watercolor, gouache allows for layering of colors.  It can also be used to create detail like individual hairs or painting a prominent border.

Your custom portrait isn’t limited to gouache, you can choose watercolor or ink portraits.  Watercolor allows for a more abstract interpretation.  But ink allows for every details to be displayed.  And if you’re undecided, gouache seems to be the compromise that allows for blending of colors and details.

If you're interested in a painting of your dog, contact Sara at:

Sara is offering a 5% discount and free postage, when you mention our blog. That is an amazing deal for affordable art!

Turning your furbaby into a masterpiece doesn’t have to break the bank.  But you have to know the right people, like Sara.

We hope you reach out to Sara, and please share your masterpieces by tagging #WeeWeeFrenchie.