The Secret To Keeping Your Dog Busy This Winter

Winter is arriving soon! And when it comes, I'll have a hard time getting my dog outside to exercise. So for those days, I have an alternative, nose work puzzles.

The Secret To Keeping Your Dog Busy This Winter

Dogs have 300 million olfactory receptors in their nose.  Processing scents uses a lot of energy.  Nose work toys and puzzles are becoming popular because they exercise your dog’s sense of smell.  And this decreases boredom and helps to correct bad behaviors.

Nose work puzzles contain slots to insert treats.  Your dog uses his sense of smell to find treats.  The nose work games can be challenging at first but it's fun to see your dog succeed.

For dogs that spend time indoors, nose work puzzles can use up as much energy as running outside.  Keep your dog active by using puzzle games.

Cold winters means less exercise outside.  But I can continue to exercise their minds with puzzles while staying warm inside.

Nose work games are available at pet stores and online.  Look for both nose work mats and puzzles to help keep your dog active all winter long.