Keep Your Dog Cool With This Accessory

Summer brings long days of warm sunshine but heat can be bad for a dog. You may be putting your dog in danger of overheating, burned paws, heat stroke, and even death. But what is the one accessory every dog owner should have?

Keep Your Dog Cool With This Accessory

Unlike a human, dogs can’t sweat over their entire body. Your dog keeps cool by two mechanisms. They can sweat through their feet. And they can evaporate water through their mouth and nose.

In a short-snouted dog, the nose and mouth are smaller. This limits cooling when compared to a longer-snouted dog.

It's fun to bring your dog along for a summer adventure but temperatures over 80F causes asphalt to heat up to 130F. Imagine how uncomfortable it can be when there’s also high humidity and no wind. Now imagine how bad that can be if you’re a dog who can only sweat through your paws and mouth. Not good, right?

If your dog is out on a warm day, a dog cooling vest is one item you should never leave home without. I’ve been using cooling vests on my dogs for over 3 years, and my only regret is why didn’t I get one sooner!

A cooling vest works by evaporation. Soak the vest in water for a few minutes. Wring out the excess water, and put on your dog.

Dog cooling vests are made of layers of breathable fabric. The outer layer dries quickly and helps to create evaporation. The middle layer is water absorbent and can hold up to 400 times its weight in water. The inner layer transfers the cooling effect to your dog.

Since your dog can’t sweat through their neck or chest, a dog cooling vest can help prevent overheating. And if you really want to make your dog happy, soak and refrigerate the cooling vest for extra cooling!

Be safe in the sun this summer with a dog cooling vest. Make sure to always have plenty of cool water for your dog to drink. And if it’s over 80F, it may be best to leave your dog at home.

To learn more about keeping your dog safe during the summer, click here.

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