How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

Whatever the adventure, dogs enjoy being along for the ride. Whether it is a long journey or short travel, how do you keep your dog safe when traveling in the car?

How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

Where is the safest spot in the car for your dog?

The front seat isn’t the best area since you have to make sure airbags are deactivated.  There’s also side-impact airbags in the backseat that can be harmful to your dog unless crated.  Pets traveling in the crate area of an SUV or station wagon can be unsafe due to the collusion-rating of your car.

The safest areas of the car would be placing your dog in a crate on the floorboard behind the driver’s seat.  Your dog can sit in the center of the back seat to prevent injury from side airbags.  

But what are the chances of any dog behaving perfectly when sitting in a designated spot for any length of time?

How do you safely restrain your dog while traveling?

There are many items on the market that ensure pet safety in the event of a crash. But how do you really know if these devices will keep your pet safe during a collision?

You can research approved safety devices at a website called Center for Pet Safety (CPS).  This company has partnered with Subaru to sponsor crash tests on pet restraints.  The results were 25 of 29 pet restraints failed the crash test.

CPS has approved harnesses, carriers, and crates that will keep your pet safe in an accident.  These devices do cost more than non-approved safety devices.  But in the event of a crash, can you put a price on safety?

On your next adventure, keep your dog safe by using a CPS-approved pet restraint. This will ensure a safe and stress-free journey.  To view the CPS-approved pet restraints, click here.