How To Help Dog Wounds Heal Faster

Skin irritation is not an easy issue to fix especially in dogs. Licking causes more irritation and could introduce bacteria that could lead to infection. So what can you use to speed up healing and reduce risk of infection?

How To Help Dog Wounds Heal Faster

Skin has a microbiome that contains microorganisms living in harmony on the skin. When tissue injury occurs, the microbiome is disrupted and inflammation occurs. Prolonged inflammation can delay wound healing. Applying products that are pH-balanced and gentle to the skin, improves healing.

Silver Honey is a miracle! It’s a cream made of MicroSilver BG and Manuka honey. Silver and Manuka honey are powerful antibacterials, killing 99.9% of bacteria. And Manuka honey helps to soothe and heal skin irritations. When used together, these ingredients create a robust healing agent! Silver Honey decreases recovery time and reduces risk of infection.

I found this product after my dog had surgery. On the 10th day post-op, his incision site became red and inflamed. I began applying Silver Honey 2-3 times daily and kept the area covered to prevent licking. Within 2 days, the redness was gone, and the incision was almost healed.

Silver Honey is marketed for animal wounds, but I've used it on my own skin irritations with huge success. Cuts in my skin were healed within a few days.

This product is available as a spray and cream. The spray allows for touch-free application and can cover a larger area.

Cuts and hotspots can be very difficult to heal in an active dog. But Silver Honey can decrease healing time and reduce risk of infection. This product is a must-have for your first-aid kit!

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