Does Your Dog Need Protective Eyewear?

Summertime means long days of outdoor activities and fun in the sun. If your dog is spending long days outside, does he need eye protection to stay safe?

Does Your Dog Need Protective Eyewear?

Cataracts usually develop after repeated exposure to UV rays but can also develop with diabetes.  Most dogs don’t live long enough for cataracts to develop; however, for dogs with eye sensitivities or impaired eyesight, protecting the eyes can be essential for preventing further damage.

For dogs that spend time around the water, eye protection can keep your dog safe.  UV rays reflect off the water,  become magnified, and can accelerate eye damage.  With repeated exposure, your dog could develop cataracts.

Smaller dogs are closer to the ground and may run into foreign objects like branches or other harmful items.  Some breeds like pugs and French bulldogs can have bulging eyeballs, which make it easier to get lacerations or ulcerations of the eye.

Depending on the activity level of your dog, you may need to purchase dog sunglasses.  Keep in mind that dogs will not wear human sunglasses for long since they are not made for a dog’s face.  Dog goggles have chin and head straps that will keep the goggles in place.  Make sure the goggles are big enough and won’t obstruct your dog’s vision.

Dog goggles are available in many styles and colors so that your dog can embrace his own unique style.  Polarized goggles offer more protection from the harmful sun rays by diminishing reflections and glares, which can be helpful for the active dog.

So does your dog need eye protection this summer?  For the active dog who is spending a lot of time outdoors, the answer is YES!

Dog goggles will make your dog look stylish while also protecting his puppy eyes.  Keep your dog safe from the sun this summer and invest in dog eyewear.  Your dog may hate you for it but will thank you later when free of eye disease in later years.