5 Must-have Items for Walking Your Dog in the Rain

It’s only September but fall came early in the Pacific Northwest. We have a dismal forecast of rain, clouds, and more rain. Limited visibility, moisture, and wind can make it difficult to take my dog for a walk. What are 5 must-have items for walking your dog in the rain?

5 Must-have Items for Walking Your Dog in the Rain


If you live in an area that is prone to rain, having a good raincoat is a must!  Raincoats can keep your dog dry and provide protection from wind.  Bright colors and reflective materials will increase visibility and keep your dog safe.  

Flash light

Using a small flashlight can help to illuminate dark walkways and make it easier to see your pet.  If you want to be extra cautious, a strobing flashlight can alert others to beware and slow down.

LED accessories

Be more noticeable on walkways with LED accessories like collars and leashes.  The glow makes it easier to see your dog and improves safety when out on a walk in the dark or rain.


Take a towel with you so you can dry your dog when you have reached your destination.    Keeping your dog dry helps prevent fungal yeast infections.

Yeast loves confined, moist spaces like paws and armpits.  Drying off excess moisture will keep your dog warm and infection-free.

Eye protection

In windy weather, eye protection can be very important.  Strong wind gusts can cause flying debris and increase injury.

Protect your dog’s eyes with eye wear like Doggles.  Your dog may not like them but they will be on for only a short time.

The winter months are arriving.  Walking in the rain may never be enjoyable but it can be more tolerable.  Planning ahead and having the right gear will keep your dog dry and safe.