5 Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

When it comes to feeding time, I can never be quick enough. My dog usually sits at my feet and watches me mix ingredients into his bowl. And if I take too long, he lets me know with a few barks telling me to hurry up.

5 Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

Feeding my pet healthy, nutritious food not only makes me feel good.  But it’s also reassuring that a good diet will help to prevent health problems in the future.

What are the benefits of feeding your dog a raw diet?

More nutritious

Cooking kibble uses a high-heat process that can denature vitamins and minerals.  

Feeding raw allows essential vitamins and enzymes to remain intact.  This means your dog is getting better nutrition without having to add supplements.

Better digestion

Fillers, starches, and added salt can complicate your dog’s digestion.  Got flatulence?  

Switching your dog to a diet with whole, raw ingredients means your dog is getting a balanced diet.  This leads to better digestion and a healthier gut.

Improved behavior

Some kibble diets can have cheap ingredients.  If your dog isn’t getting the right diet, aggression and bad behavior can develop.  

By feeding more whole and natural ingredients, your dog’s health can improve.

Shiny coat

When your dog’s diet contains the best ingredients, the skin and coat will glow. This leads to a soft and shiny coat.

Cleaner teeth

Kibble does not contain enzymes unlike raw food.  Raw food contains naturally-occurring enzymes that help to protect teeth and gums.

Keep your dog healthy and happy with a balanced raw food diet.  Discuss your dog’s diet with your vet prior to making a dietary switch, especially if your dog has health issues.